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Fundacja Społeczno-Kulturalna

Euro-Idea Fundacja Społeczno-Kulturalna from Cracow, Poland is an NGO born with the pro-European spirit and it is working since 2010 in the field of culture, adult education and VET.
The foundation is a member of local and international networks and is cooperating with several international and regional organisations.
The main foundation targets are:
• Develop educational activities among adults and youth;
• Promote innovation in education for adults and new skills development;
• Develop opportunities for local and international cooperation between local authorities, institutions, business and educational systems;
• Sustain disadvantaged groups.
Euro-Idea achieves targets by participation and development of training courses, workshops, events, study visits, cultural exchanges, information points, awareness campaigns.

Comparative Research Network

Partner Cooperation Staff Internationality

The Comparative Research Network was founded in 2007 and worked since then in the field of adult education and research. The CRN Network is specialised in raining activities within the fields of intercultural  ompetences, intergenerational learning, mobilities and migration. Additionally, the CRN is specialised in creating and performing evaluation and dissemination processes. CRN lately gained through various projects both as coordinator and participant expertise in game design in education, storytelling and community reporting, where the network is currently carrying out training for several target groups.


Non-profit Civil Society Organization

Crossing Borders is a non-profit, civil society organization. Crossing Borders educates and empowers young people to become active global citizens. Across cultures and professions, we provide platforms for young people to cross-fertilise ideas and form global associations, networks, and communities worldwide. In a learning environment where all participants are encouraged to grow and learn from one another, we enable youth to share their best ideas, best products, and best practices.


Profuture Training, S.L.

M&M is a modern trainer provider founded in 2014 whose staffs has wide experience in managing and implementing training procedures and activities that give them enough skills and knowledge to develop the activities related to a wide range of projects.
We focus on the connection between business needs, organizational plans and human resources management and we are constantly carrying out analysis in order to develop and improve companies and their staff.


Cornellà de Llobregat, Spain



Youth Europe Service

Y.E.S. is a no profit association which, with Christian, democratic principles, respecting the personal freedom, wants to realise, in the social and environmental field:
• Integration of people with disabilities or disadvantaged;
• Mutual knowledge between people, to develop solidarity and assert the principle of civil living together;
• Knowledge, protection of the historical, cultural, artistic patrimony;
• Development of the social, cultural and sports activities to create a European nationality;
• Promotion of annual events among its members, activities such as giving information, realisation of exchanges and voluntary services, organisation of cultural events.


Volunteering For Iceland

SEEDS Iceland was founded in 2005 as a non-governmental, non-profit volunteer organisation with international scope. Our main activities relate to the promotion of environmental protection and awareness, intercultural understanding and peace, through voluntary work on social, cultural and environmental projects in Iceland.
We aim to empower, inform and expand the horizons of people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, to inform and share with them about the world in which we live and to take an active role in its future development.


Reykjavík, Iceland



Social Partnership Centre

Social Partnership Centre (SPC)  is a non for profit organisation established in 1997. Main activities of the centre include prevention projects for children, youth and disadvantaged families, youth-targeted prevention and socialisation programs, help to children and young people, who, because of certain risk factors (negative peers, family, community or school influences) can act violently, start using drugs, etc.

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