3rd Transnational Project Meeting – online

15th of October 2020

In October 2020 we have planned a project meeting in Berlin as part of the FSI project. Unfortunately due to the second pandemic wave of the Covid virus and the resealing of European countries, the offline meeting was not possible. Therefore we met online. 8 participants from 7 countries continued to work on the project. The project coordinator Anna Cierpiol from Fundacja Euro Idea presented the ISSUU brochure: Best Practices Collection and she brought up the topic of the intermediate report. Ewelina Barthel from CRN presented the community reporting method from the Berlin project Kiez(t)raum, which was described in the training module after the meeting. All partners discussed the remaining tasks, the next meeting and the steps to be taken. A large part of the meeting was taken up by the Pandemic and its possible impact on our project. Despite the Covid crisis, we are acting in accordance with the timeline set out at the beginning of the project and carrying out the tasks we planned thanks to this amazing partnership.


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